Friday, 16 May 2014

Lettuce Introduce Ourselves

Greetings, ladles and jelly-spoons! (this was so not my idea)

My brother, Song and I, Jia(as everyone seems to call me now...), have decided to start a food blog. This is sort of because we find ourselves eating out quite a bit and thought, well why not? People can check out our blog whenever they want to see what's out there to eat in Auckland, and how we rate it. Please please please note, this is what WE think of the food, how we feel as normal consumers. We are not in any sense professional food critics or anything, feel free to voice your opinion but don't judge us, sometimes we're right other times a lot of people won't agree with what we say, just saying.

A bit of background on us:

I'm a second year Anthropology student at the University of Auckland, and I adore sweet food.Unfortunately due to genes I have to cut back on sweets or I risk future health problems. It's not that I don't love salty food though, I just seem to have more space when it comes to sweets. I can't handle spicy food though. I like travelling, reading, sleeping and taking photos that seem pointless to others.

Song: Hey guys! I have somehow been roped into this but it sounds like a fun idea and I reckon a useful source of info for everyone out there seeing as it's quite hard to find nice lengthy reviews on places especially around Auckland. So if this blog helps you come closer to a decision on where to eat in Auckland (or anywhere we go really) then we'll be really glad because a) someone reads this and b) we made a date night somewhat smoother than the usual "Where should we go?" "I don't know".

We probably wont be able to go to every cafe, restaurant and takeaway there is out there but we'll definitely have a range. That being said, we hope you'll find this blog helpful and you'll join us on our journey of eating our way through Auckland menus!!

For most of our posts (and by most she probably means all) the format we will be following is:


Followed by an overall rating out of 10.

Also if you have any places you'd like us to check out then feel free to let us know in the comments or shoot us a message, we'll totally put it on our to-do list. So on that note, I echo my sister in saying that we hope you join us on our intrepid (and wallet emptying) adventure through eateries in Auckland, please, stay a while, have a coffee or two, we love to chat.

The Lambs

PS Those who are wondering about the subtle change in colors, Song is green and Jia is the black text colors.

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