Saturday, 2 August 2014

Movenpick in Parnell (well, most places really) Review

Greetings ladles and jelly-spoons~

This review is particular to the Parnell store but I find in general that there is a consistency in the Movenpick stores with their cleanliness, flavours and d├ęcor. Ice-cream is delicious. This review is going to be really short because you can't go wrong with ice-cream.

I like the clean tables and nice food pictures decorating the white walls. It's peaceful and quiet for an after dinner snack. There were simplistic details like wooden floors and walls, and rich red coloured pictures on the wall that made it just a bit warmer to the eye. The tables were spaced comfortably apart, although there weren't any tables that fit more than 2 people on it, so our group of 4 had to sit on different tables.

The most popular flavour when I went last week was vanilla and brownie, and I can see why it's popular. It's like cookies and cream but subtly different. Macademia dulce is nice too. As I said, hard to go wrong with ice-cream. I like that there's always a range of icecreams that you don't usually find in the isle at the supermarket(or at least, not that I've seen since Korea), and its all scooped neatly for you in a cone or cup.

The short fat cone was something new for me, im used to the slimmer cones of New Zealand Natural. Otherwise it was a normal scoop of ice-cream in a cup/cone. I used a cup because I am infernally slow at eating and my ice-cream always drips down my cone. The spoon was cute too, like a little plastic paddle. Yes I kept it. It shall be my dessert spoon from now onwards muahahahha.

The staff were friendly unlike some people who work in the ice-cream parlours who make me feel bad for ordering sprinkles. They also knew what was popular, which is good for recommending to people like me who are indecisive.

I think it's more expensive than the usual NZ Natural but seeing as it's Swiss ice-cream and it has it's own store with tables and all that, the prices are reasonable.

Rating: /10

Atmosphere:       9
Food:                  9
Presentation:      8
Service:              7
Price:                  5

Overall: 7.6/10

So yeah I hope you enjoyed this relatively short post. Two posts in one day, woohoo!

Sesame Street pun!!

Just the one Lamb(again.)

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