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Archie's Restaurant and Pizzeria Review

Greetings Ladles and Jellyspoons~

Sorry about the radio silence for so long!! I've been getting a lot of comments from people saying that they read our blog and it's makes me feel so loved, yay!! This time we're reviewing Archie's Pizzeria in Newmarket. We actually ate here quite a few weeks ago during mid-semester break but a sudden need to finish assignments and study for mid-term tests made me(Jia) unable to blog. This was back when it was colder but on that day it was pretty sunny so we got to eat outside without feeling like icicles. I would tell you a pun about pizza but it's too cheesy.

I drew this cool pizza for you on paint. Yes.

Haha sorry I couldn't resist. Anyway wow, did anyone else experience that power outage from the fire in the Penrose power station? My area had no electricity for a good part of the weekend. In fact we just got the phone line back today.
Getting back to the food blog, my brother and I have decided to cut out the rating part of the blog because it's not all that important and truthfully I don't think there will ever be a 10/10 because of the high standards of every single aspect needing to be perfect. Some of the restaurants with low ratings really aren't bad but they're just not amazing.

This was a cozy pizzeria, a cross between a cafĂ© and a restaurant I guess. It was pretty crowded inside, and outside was quite crowded too. This was probably because of the lunch special that goes on everyday where they have a $14 menu. Talk about a great bargain :D The tables were a bit small though so it was a squeeze to get all our plates on it. It felt friendly and had some background noise, but not too loud since it wasn't too close to the road. I feel like it would be nice for a casual date or just a lunch out with mates like we had.
I didn't get a picture of the inside sorry.

Songie here~

Unfortunately the water was tap water but oh well. The food made up for it. On my friend's recommendation I picked El Salmone, which I can honestly say was delicious. Initially I did have misgivings when it came out, because it looked thin with a few meager slices of salmon laid out on it and a handful of salad on top. As I ate it though, I found that it was actually really good. It wasn't overly filling because it was thin and light; the salmon wasn't overpoweringly rich(as it sometimes can be when you have a lot of cooked salmon) because there wasn't a lot. It went well with the salad, and the cream cheese hidden under the salmon just melted in your mouth as you ate it.  I seriously enjoyed it. I'm not sure if I was starving or something but I might even go as far as saying it was like a symphony in your mouth.

Alla Cappriosa had anchovies(extremely salty!), olives, capsicum and salami and stuff. I felt that it had very strong flavours.  The combined well but I preferred the more subtle and creamy taste of the salmon pizza. This was more rustic, good in itself but missing a softer edge to it. Also olives aren't exactly on our best foods list, and its a bit fiddley to get the pip out and then combine it with everything so that the overall taste isn't too strong. 

The pizzas were cute and had a lot of colour which is always nice, and also weren't too big where you would overeat(as a growing teenager, anyway). It looked just like a pizza normally does. On that note you can have badly presented pizzas like if Dominoes or Pizza Hut's delivery people have let your pizza slide around the back of the car at a few hundred turns. I think for what they had to work with, it was presented neatly with all of the right elements.

The service was alright, they were happy to seat you where you'd like(we were initially sat on the inside next to the toilets but decided that outside was better). They were friendly and came at the exactly right time when we wanted to order. The owner also works there on occasion and is always ready for a chat and is a really friendly guy. Definitely makes me feel like customer service is a priority there.

The price was good, because it was lunchtime there was the $14 Lunch Special when usually the pizzas would've cost more. However, the dinner menu which is more expensive, also has an upgrade with food portions, but as we haven't been there for dinner recently (last time I went was sometime last year) we're not sure if it's a still just...way too filling or not. So in terms of price for value, the lunch menu definitely takes the cake.. or..slice.. or something..

So overall, in terms of pretty much everything, Archies is definitely coming in as one of the top places we've been to so far. The $14 menu is great for students looking to splurge a little and get a great deal at the same time and yet it does not cater exclusively to them. It's a great all rounder restaurant that proves over and over again why it's always teeming with customers day after day. Be prepared for a small wait if you go there in the middle of a lunch period! And... That concludes this post I guess!! Thanks for reading~

The Lambs

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