Saturday, 13 December 2014

Why did the rooster cross the road?

To cockadoodle doo something~

I thought it was appropriate okay, since the emblem of Nandos is a rooster.
Haha okay lame jokes aside my lovely ladles and jellyspoons, greetings again!

This is going to be a pretty short post because we've probably all had Nandos and do I really need to review it if I've only had 2 things from there? I'll do it anyway, just to say I have covered it, kinda.
So I went Christmas shopping(sort of) at Sylvia Park, and ate with Songie and some mates. It's a pretty clean place, the decorations are all about the food and the stories related to the rooster and such.

I like the odd curve, like some abstract birdcage

Service was fine, and the food came out within 20 minutes.


My personal favourite is the 5 BBQ Wings(Obviously in Lemon and Herb because its not spicy yay). The skin wasn't crisp but it was firm and had a nice texture, perfect for tearing with my teeth*caveman style*. The flesh was cooked through but still soft, always a plus; I really hate dry, overcooked meat. It was a tad burnt on the wing bits, though some may say that adds extra flavour. It came out quite hot, so I couldn't dig in immediately. I do like it because I haven't the stomach to eat something bigger. Its a good portion size, fills me up without making me overeat(I have this need to finish everything on my plate because that's how I was brought up). Unfortunately its not exactly a balanced meal, as you can see by the pitiful sprinkling of lettuce on the side there. I suspect it's just to alleviate the guilt you feel from eating only meat.

Another favourite of mine(and Songie's) is the Nandos chips with peri-peri seasoning. While the chips themselves are not marvellous, combined with the peri-peri seasoning it is just delicious. A bit of salty, a bit of spicy and a lot of flavour, it's often a hunt to get the chip with the most seasoning(unless courtesy dictates we eat politely when with others, then we'll take whatever chip is in the path of our fingers while secretly eyeing the most seasoned chip and wonder if anyone will eat that).

Yummmmmm. I know which chip I want ;)
Songie's half chicken and the beloved peri-peri seasoned chips.
Once you took off the bowl of chips from Songie's plate it becomes immediately apparently how lonely it looks, especially with zero salad to fill up the gap.

Isaac's .. half chicken ? I think? But hey he got some sprinkling of lettuce too.

I personally found it an OK price at $11.90 but admittedly more on the expensive side. Then again the prices never really go past $16 so it really depends how you want to spend. I personally don't spend heaps on lunch if I can help it, in the interests of being a frugal student(not sure how that's working for me tbh), but I know lots of students who think it's an easy amount.

Isaac pretending to smoke a chip....

On another note; I was a little bored one day, and with the abundance of grapes in the fridge and my own little pot-plant of basil at the window, I decided to see how they'd taste together.

Aren't they just adorable?

I made a few; and my first impression was that it was some curious mint jelly mix(Not sure if you all have had it, but it goes amazingly with roast lamb, seriously), so I was quite keen to try more. However, a few bites later the basil really overpowered the grape and I was not happy ahaha. I did rope in mother and Songie to try it and they had some rather perplexed looks on their faces but Songie agreed with the initial label of mint jelly. So I guess that's how you make a substitute mint jelly ;)? Just kidding, I'm not sure it's a good mix haha.

As I thought, basil is best with crackers, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and perhaps some hummus.

Anyway, thanks again for joining us on another random food review~ we appreciate the company.

Just the one Lamb

Veni, vidi, vici.

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