Friday, 8 May 2015

Waffle Supreme


Jia here~ There's really no excuse for not posting but we got back from Singapore and it was hectic once uni started. Songie's on his last semester and I'm on my third year; it's surprisingly busy. Plus I got sick, couldn't eat anything but porridge for weeks. It was tragic. Since I got better, I haven't really had time to head out and try new places. However, I did manage to grab a bite after school with my friend Tara on the way home in the first few weeks(before it got busy with assignments).

Now, we're going back into our usual format, I sorta forgot it as time went on because it was nice to just waffle on about it without a set structure but it's probably easier to read in this format.

The store looks like a bright red cargo shipping container, and its hard to miss.Since it's basically a small store/stall and it's in that area of the city with the smooth pavements and open space, it has a really clean and fresh sort of atmosphere to it. It feels pretty friendly because of the small space and the table area in front of the counter where you can stand and eat(allows for more people to be around rather than when chairs take up all the space) and chat to each other, maybe other people too since you're all standing together eating(trust me, it happened). It's only been around for maybe 6 months, according to the owner(I think he's called Andy?), so that probably explains the bright new look to it.


Now, I will be the first to say that I am not a huge fan of waffles, and if given the choice between pancakes and waffles, pancake would win hands down. The reason for this is because I don't like dry waffles, which is what I get when I order it most times. Even at home we had fairly dry ones that I had to lather on the syrup to enjoy fully. There was this one time when we were cafe hopping with our friends in Singapore a few years back and had these delicious waffles that were soft and fluffy and just really set the standard. This one was not soft and fluffy, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The reason for this is because of the unique topping, and also the waffle itself is indeed dry but it has a crunchy factor to it, and if eaten warm it still retains it's softness inside. The crunchiness could be attributed to what I tasted to be a very thin layer of some sweet sugary coating glazed over it. The toppings, as I mentioned before, were also what made the waffle.

'Andy'(Just gonna assume his name was Andy and roll with it) was really nice and let us try samples of the toppings before we ordered, and there was a lemony one that was really refreshing and cool on the tongue, especially on the hot day(it was still summer when I went), and then I tried something with the consistency of peanut butter but the taste of sweet - but not too much, more like the sweetness level of the Oreo's black cookie part - biscuit( according to the menu it is called Speculas Spice Biscuit Spread). I loved it so I ordered that one, which was The Ginger Kiss. Rich but very satisfying. He really doesn't skimp on the toppings.

Tara ordered the Pistachio waffle. I sampled a bit of hers and it was gooood. Between mine and hers though I think I preferred mine. They all smell so amazing though.

The next day I went yet again with another friend (I was very keen to try another haha), and we tried the one with the lemony topping(Citron Pop) and Communion(mascarpone, orange blossom, honey and spiced wine syrup). Citron Pop was very simple, only topped with poppy seeds but still nice. Unfortunately the hot waffle warmed up the refreshing sauce or I would have really enjoyed it more.

The Communion had really thick cream on it, and it was delicious for the first 5 bites but it was quite filling and rich after that. Not to mention I had donuts earlier in the day(courtesy of the donut stall at UoA Market Day), so I was a little sick of sweet foods. Unfortunately there aren't any savory waffles on the menu which is a shame because the store next to Waffle Supreme is also a dessert store and well, there's only so much sweet you can have (it sounds like a lie but I'm not kidding)


The service was good, probably because we were one of the few customers there (Andy's sad guys, go visit him). The first time, Tara and I met these two ACG kids(alright they were our age but y'know, we're at uni so we can call them kids ;D) who gave us the recommendations. They weren't helpful. Recommending everything is not recommending.  They're regulars apparently so they chatted away with Andy for a while. The second time I went, we were the only 2 customers so Andy made a little small talk with us for a bit, which was nice. Learnt a bit about his future goals and all. He's a friendly chap. The waffles and toppings were done in front of us, (so you know, they're real and all that, not just bought from the supermarket and frozen or whatever, y'know?).


It came out looking really delicious, in my opinion. It helped that it was made in front of us so we could watch the process. I liked that they came out on these nice, quality disposable wooden dishes and cutlery.


The prices I guess were to be expected in the city, drinks were about $5 max and waffles were $8. Now, I haven't had many waffles in cafes much so I can't gauge how much a waffle normally costs, but I do feel like this was worth it. Despite it's deceptively small size it is actually super filling, once combined with the toppings.

I think it's a good place to go, just to try it at least once. To be honest once you have one flavour you get pretty curious about the other flavours too so I guess you'll go maybe five times haha. Definite fave was the Ginger Kiss. The waffles are definitely good and filling(I recommend not eating sweet things prior to that. Actually I recommend not eating too much before this at all) so yeah. Go visit Andy guys, he's lonely :P Also, if you guys find out his actual name that would be cool, I'll edit this hahaha.

Thanks for reading~

The L-- nah just kidding, Just the One Lamb ;)

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