Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Hellooooo Ladles and Jellyspoons~ woo 2 posts in one night what a record!!

Jia here, just wanted all you fellas to know that my favourite kinda men is ramen. Just kidding I actually prefer jajamen(haha jia-jia-men, geddit?) but I do like ramen too. I finally managed to meet up with Ash and Tiff for lunch, and we had ate at a ramen place in Atrium on Elliot St, which Tiff describes as a hidden gem; which is appropriate as one would hardly think to venture to the upper floors of Atrium for food when the food court on the first level would beckon to your growling stomach first. I have seen it before but never really got to eat their food because they were too full. They're quite busy during lunchtime but we still managed to get a spot.

Since it's on a floor where offices and the Crowne Hotel operates, it's not busy around you and it feels like you're in a private bubble of sound where there is chatter coming from the restaurant but that's it. The restaurant is really quite small hence the lack of seats if you come at a busy time. The lighting is nice though. 

I ordered the Genzui ramen to share with Ash because from surrounding tables I could tell the portions were really large, and we already had a takoyaki side for the table. I really liked the slightly slimy texture of the noodle that was softer than al dente spaghetti but not mushy, and the other ingredients added to the soup were good too. I didn't like how they put the prawn cutlets in the bowl although it lent some aesthetic to the image because it made them all soggy.
On a side note you're also able to make these noodles spicy if you want for another 50c.

Tiff had the tofu salad, which I initially had misgivings about but when it arrived and she let me try the tofu; man I would have ordered another if I hadn't ordered the Genzui Ramen already. The skin of the tofu was slightly sweet and it was very very stretchy and soft, yet a tad chewy too. As usual I burnt my tongue on the inside tofu but overall I absolutely loved the tofu. Less keen on the salad but that's normal for me really.

The takoyaki was good too; did not especially stand out in any way but it was still delectable. 

As with most Japanese food, their presentation was impeccable. 

The service was perfunctory but efficient and the server was semi-friendly, but there was minimal contact with her anyway beyond ordering and paying so it didn't matter much. The food came out fairly fast. 

Since I split with Ash we ended up paying 6.50 each I believe? So, $13 for a bowl that practically fed 2 people is really good I must say. 

In conclusion I think it'd be a good place to try out especially for students, though I was initially reluctant to share this in case it got too popular haha. Thanks to Tifftiff for sharing this awesome ramen spot<3


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  3. Omg love your food posts! I think your such a cute and pretty girl, wish we were friends. Love how your super cute in tights.