Saturday, 31 January 2015

SINGAPORE: Chicken rice!!

Helloooooo Ladles and Jellyspoons,

Since today is a fairly relaxed day, I can catch up a little on the blog. As I told my friend, we eat at a faster rate than we can write the blogs at. Anyway I hope you've all been well, summer is still going strong huh? Well, in our part of the world anyway :P

So today's post is about chicken rice which is one of our favourite dishes here in Singapore. It's normally under the name of Hainanese Chicken rice and there are options for boned or boneless chicken. For the simple reason that I find the process of deboning the chicken before I consume it, I prefer boneless chicken. These foods are normally found in hawker centres and are perhaps not as cheap as a $3 bowl of noodles but still affordable. According to my father one of the best local chicken rice(in our area anyway, which is central/west ish) is at the Alexandra Food centre.

This place has a lot of other stuff that's good too but for now I'll concentrate on chicken rice. I believe the price of half a chicken for 2 people was about $11, which is pretty good. It also comes with rice and soup. By the way if you look at the sign you'll see "self service" which means they wont go to your table to serve you so you'd better wait there for the food.

Taste wise I'm not totally sure how to describe it. The dish with the chicken itself has cucumbers and some other spicy vegetable type on there, and there's a sauce that comes with it which is nice but since it's a bit oily you don't find yourself wanting to have a lot. Flavor-wise the chicken doesn't have a strong flavour but its pleasant to the taste buds and the texture of the soft skin combined with the well cooked -but not dry- flesh of the chicken.

All in all it's probably one of our staples here aside from mee bok. We really recommend trying it :)

So yup this was a fairly short post, nothing much to comment on.

The Lambs(but mostly just the one...)

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